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Stories of Coming Into Being

God created, in pairs, first the heaven and the earth, then day and night, land and sea, flora and fauna, and male and female. Man was created in the image of God and Eve was formed from one of Adam's ribs or man and woman were created together. On the seventh day, God rested. Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. Norman Brown interprets the Rig Veda to come up with various underlying creation stories. Here is the one most like the preceding myths. Before the divine pair of Earth and Sky, who created the gods, was another god, Tvastr, the "first fashioner".

He created Earth and Sky, as a dwelling place, and many other things.

Australian Aboriginals - Creation Myth

Tvastr was a universal impregnator who made other things reproduce. Brown says that although Tvastr was the first dynamic force, before him were the inanimate, inactive Cosmic Waters. Norman Brown. Journal of the American Oriental Society , Vol. The Chinese creation story comes from the end of the 3 Kingdoms period.

Heaven and Earth were in a state of chaos or cosmic egg for 18, years. When it broke apart, the high and clear formed Heaven, the dark formed Earth, and P'an-ku "coiled-up antiquity" stood in the middle supporting and stabilizing. P'an-ku kept growing for another 18, years during which time Heaven also grew.

Creation from the Void: Crash Course World Mythology #2

Another version of the P'an- ku the first-born story tells of his becoming earth, sky, stars, moon, mountains, rivers, soil, etc. The only grounds for divorce in Conservative Christianity were adultery or abandonment by an unbeliever. Neither was true. Although later, I would come to understand that the second principle—abandonment by an unbeliever—was the interpretation my former pastor was advocating.

Me being the unbeliever. When all I had done was become Lutheran. I had memorized whole sections of scripture. I had grafted them into me. Even now, the words of the Bible fill me, like the song of the cicadas resounding through the night.

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Artist and activist Amina Ross leads workshops to decolonize the cultural understanding of light and dark, black and white. I take one of her workshops seven months before I go to Utah. How we understand words is how we understand the world, Ross tells us. Imagination turns brown bombers into terrorists and white bombers into mentally ill victims. Imagination gives us borders, gives us superiority, gives us race as an indicator of capability. Then we sit and free-write about what our darkness is. For so many people in the room it is their skin, their wombs, their times of rest.

I think of my children. I think of the light pollution in their lives. Will they meet their demise one day in darkness?

Lyz Lenz: Finding a Creation Myth of One's Own | Literary Hub

Because they cannot see the true reflection of the horizon? I decide to bring them with me on my trip. Luckily, I have some savings I can dip into for rent. The month of August worries me. For the first time since my wedding, I ask for help from my parents. I think if I can just get there. If I can just see the sky at night. If I can just see the stars. If I can just look into the darkness, then all of this—this loss, this destruction, this wreck of my life, will be okay. And I want my children there, I want them to look up with me into the universe, so I can show them that there is beauty here.

That what the night sky shows us is just as important and beautiful as anything the sun can.

Nature and significance

The biggest risk for the ancient sailor was getting lost. Very few ships sailed into the open water. They hugged the shores, safety always in sight, the marks on the land, the first guide. But the stars gave explorers the ability to sail vast oceans. The ancient Minoans left records of using the stars to navigate. Over centuries, Polynesians migrated across the seas. There are no records of how they accomplished this. But people who have recreated their voyages believe they used the sun, the waves, the migration of the birds and the stars. I believe if I see the stars, really see them, I can find my way.

I rent us a yurt in Dead Horse State Park, buy cheap food and pack it in coolers. We eat peanut butter sandwiches almost every day. The drive takes us three days. And we stay at the homes of friends and family on the way to save money. I just call my sister hours before I arrive. She too has just gotten divorced. She tells me I can come. In the car, my children and I listen to audiobooks about the Greek gods and goddesses who are pinned forever in the sky.

One mortal, one a god, Zeus put them in the night sky so they could be together forever. At night, as they fall asleep, I read my children star stories from Arapaho myth.

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There is the story of the splinter foot girl. A girl born from the splinter lodged in the foot of a hunter. After a lifetime of running from men, she catapults herself into the sky. The rain pelts us in Nebraska and I have to pull off to the side of the road, because I cannot see. The wind and hail jolt the car.

Myth Story Examples From Around the World

The children, on their ipads, ask me why we stop and I keep my voice cheerful. Just waiting for the rain to stop! I say, brightly. So bright, my voice like the scorched earth. I am worried we will die. I am worried someone will see a woman alone on a trip with two small children and murder us, rob us.

Creation Myth Creation Myth
Creation Myth Creation Myth
Creation Myth Creation Myth
Creation Myth Creation Myth
Creation Myth Creation Myth
Creation Myth Creation Myth
Creation Myth Creation Myth

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