Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition)

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Paroles de terre en larmes : nouvelles A question for sculptors: Is "Virtual Sculpture" an oxymoron? Is this process diminishing the identity of sculpture, or expanding it? The Burying Beetle Gussie. Book Corner - Fusac Fusac Parametrizations for this version of the Klein bottle do exist, but they are not fully satisfactory at a technical point of view. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Gens des nuages could be translated as meaning The Cloud People.

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It was written during a trip to Sahara and published in After her grandmother left her country, she never visited the place before the trip. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Oh what kisses! What mad embraces! I myself laughed through my tears.

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Surely those moments will leave their traces, My saddest of all yet best it appears. Green Romances Sans Paroles: Aquarelles, Green Here are the fruits, the flowers, the leaves, the wands, Here my heart that beats only for your sighs. Shatter them not with your snow-white hands, Let my poor gifts be pleasing to your eyes.

I come to you, still covered with dew, you see, Dew that the dawn wind froze here on my face. Let my weariness lie down at your feet, And dream of the dear moments that shed grace. Let my head loll here on your young breast Still ringing with your last kisses blessed, Allow this departure of the great tempest, And let me sleep now, a little, while you rest. Dear, at a turn of your head My despair flooded back. The sky was too blue, and too tender, The sea too green, air lacked force. I always fear — it must be remembered, Some atrocious act of yours.

I suffer like this And wake endlessly. Yet I love Kate And her sweet gaze. How I love Kate! But the difficulty For a lover, poor he, With his darling to be! Streets — Dansons La Gigue! I loved, above all, her pretty eyes Brighter than stars in the skies, I loved her malicious eyes likewise. I recall, oh I recall The hours, the words we let fall, And this the very best of all. Paddington Beauty Of Women…. Sagesse: Bk I, I Beauty of women, their frailty, and those pale hands Which often do good yet can bring all suffering. The dawn Cry, when soft vespers are sung, signal new-born Or sweet sob that dies in the folds of a shawl!

Harshness of man!

Vile leaden life here below! Let something at least, far from kisses and blows, Let something survive for a moment on the slope, Something the childlike subtle heart contains, Goodness, respect! For dying what can we hope To take with us, and truly, what when death comes remains? Towards the Middle Ages vast and delicate I needs must sail, the shipwreck in my heart, Far from our carnal mind and the sad flesh.

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King, statesman, monk, chemist, artisan, hour Of the architect, soldier, doctor, advocate, What times! Yes, may my ruined heart voyage yet Towards all that ardent, supple artistic power! There let me take part — anyhow, at the court Or elsewhere, what matter — in that vital thing, And may I, a saint, do good, think true thoughts, High theology and solid morality, journeying Led by the unique folly the Cross has brought, O mad Cathedral, soaring on stony wings!

It is discreet and so light: A water-drop trembling on glass! A voice known to you and dear? But at present misted and veiled Like a widow desolate, assailed, Yet like her still proud, it appears, And in the long folds of a veil Stirred by the autumn breeze, Hidden, to startled heart reveals The truth like the star so pale.

It speaks to us also of glory Of humility, of asking no more, And the marriage of golden ore To sweet joy of peace without victory. It is hard-pressed , and passing by , The suffering soul without anger, And the moral is all too clear! Listen to the song that is wise. At twenty new trouble appeared In the guise of amorous fires, Sweet women fuelled my desires: They found me less sweet I fear. Was I born too soon or too late?

Family in Crisis in Late Nineteenth-Century French Fiction | Adultery | Émile Zola

Why in this world am I found? A tree above the roof Waves its palm. The bell in the sky you see Gently rings. A bird on the tree you see Sadly sings. Ah, most when dark slumbers take me, When sheets score the skin, oppress the hand.


And feet, in pain from the road forever, And the chest, bruised by a double-blow, And the mouth, still a bleeding wound, And the trembling flesh, a fragile mound, And the eyes, poor eyes, so lovely that so Hint at the sorrow of seeing the end! So frail, so tormented a friend! His eyes are vast holes where phosphorus burns, And his make-up renders more frightful in turn The bloodless face, the sharp nose, of one who dies. For we always desire Nuance, Not Colour, nuance evermore! Oh, nuance alone can wed Dream with dream, flute with horn! From murderous Epigrams flee, Cruel Wit and laughter impure That brings tears to the high Azure, And all that base garlic cuisine!

Take eloquence, wring its neck! What mad Negro, or tone-deaf child, Created this penny jewel, this crime, That rings hollow, false under the file?

Music once more and forever! Let your line be a thing so light, It feels like a soul that soars in flight To new skies and fresh lovers. Let your line be finest adventure Afloat on the tense dawn wind That goes wakening thyme and mint… All the rest — is literature. The lonely soul aches with a vast ennui. They say bloody battles are being fought down there.

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O lacking power, so feeble, such tardy prayer, O lacking the will to embellish reality! O lacking the will and power to die a little! All is drunk! Bathyllus, life yet laughed away? All is eaten and drunk! No more to say! Only, a slightly foolish poem that burns well, Only, a slightly errant slave who neglects you, Only, a kind of vague ennui that afflicts you! Motionless, and lowering our eyes, Not thinking, dreaming. Let love that tires Have its moment, and happiness that expires, Our hair brushed by the owl as it flies. Discreet, content, So the soul of each of us stays intent On this calm, this quiet death of the sun.

You sent me, newly disclosed, A sweet and dear little rose, A fresh emblem: its message pure.

Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition) Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition)
Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition) Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition)
Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition) Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition)
Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition) Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition)
Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition) Dune terre à lautre (FICTION) (French Edition)

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