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Everyday Superheroes Group Size: Time: hours. Helping Hands Group Size: 20 to Time: 2. Contact us to tailor this event to your unique needs. Learn More. Contact Us. Single number only. Your best estimate. How many people is it for? He ventures home for the holidays after a twelve year stint of not visiting.

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Waiting for him are his loving but neurotic parents, his Uncle 4. Waiting for him are his loving but neurotic parents, his Uncle Al, his senile Aunt Goldie, and his cousins Rachel, Daniel, and Matthew. Also visiting is his childhood rival and first crush, Ethan, a handsome and successful physician who has recently relocated to Seattle. In high school, while Ethan was the epitome of perfect in Jonah's world, he was also utterly cruel to an incredibly shy and reserved Jonah. The snowstorm of the century traps this crazy but loving family together, affording Jonah and Ethan time and proximity to work through their issues and find their HEA.

I really enjoyed this book.

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I loved Astrid Amara's writing style and her characters were hilarious! Jonah and Ethan's story was romantic and sweet.

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The mystery of the stolen family heirloom helped to move the plot along. Bottom line: A funny and romantic story about love, family, forgiveness, and coming out during the Hanukkah season. Jonah goes back home for the holidays, not because he wants to but because it is time to tell his parents that he is gay. He's thirty years old, it's time Not only that the person who man his life hell in high school by outing him in front of the basketball team is there Add to that the storm of the century strands everybody there and then to make things perfect they lose power.

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It Jonah goes back home for the holidays, not because he wants to but because it is time to tell his parents that he is gay. It seemed that the cosmos was against him. Then a family heirloom goes missing and his Uncle blames him. Loved the mystery.

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I kept switching who I thought it was. Loved the family.

The perfect depiction of a Jewish mom, at least in my family, had me laughing. Oh, I liked this one! This was more than a typical holiday family story. Yes, it had the usual elements, such as numerous relatives coming together and the prodigal son Jonah returning home for the first time in years. The romance played also a big part with Ethan turning up at Jonah's family house. Ethan is Jonah's high school crush and rival who hurt him badly back then by mockingly declaring him gay in front of the rest of a not-so-understanding group of jocks. And finally, there were Oh, I liked this one!

And finally, there were elements of suspense: a family heirloom is suddenly missing, seemingly of more sentimental value than anything else, leading to false suspicions and tense family moments. And, of course, someone has to find out what's going on, and who could be better equipped to do just that than Jonah and Ethan? Combine all these story threads with a snow storm, making it impossible for anyone to leave, and a power outage which leaves no one any opportunity to contact the world outside. And let's not forget that year-old Jonah chose this holiday to finally come out to his parents.

Oh yes, it turns out to be a pretty eventful Hanukkah indeed There were several things I really liked about this story.

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First of all, reading non-Christmas oriented holiday stories is really refreshing, and Hanukkah is something I'm always interested in reading about. Second, I genuinely liked the characters, Jonah and Ethan. This wasn't the case here; Ethan was attentive and nice and genuinely sorry for his behaviour during high school. I would have had a hard time holding onto my grudge if I were in Jonah's place, so those two coming together seemed very believable and natural to me. It was nothing incredible or outstanding, but it nicely fit the setting and the situation and was fluid and natural during narration as well as direct speech.

That is no matter of course and I'm always happy to find stories that are written like that. Conclusion: a nice, slightly different holiday story that I very much recommend reading. A family heirloom has been stolen. And now, his childhood rival, Ethan, has arrived to steal his heart. From Loose Id.

This is my first contemporary read from Astrid Amara and it was wonderful. The premise was engaging, going home for the holidays and having that moment of truth with your family, which I imagine is on a lot of peoples minds at this time of year. Hanukkah and Christmas can be such interesting occasions to say the least! The feeling of being closed in and forced into each others company due to the storm was also clever and handled well.

The book was sweet, sexy and funny. She has a very original and romantic feel to her writing and her characters were a delight. I just loved the moment when Jonah opens his mothers beside drawer, total awww. I nearly read it in one sitting and it made me feel like I was reading a romance novel, which sounds bizarre I know, maybe it was the vodka in my trifle?

There were no awkward moments or lag, it was tight and an enjoyable read. There was also bathroom smex, snow and sleeping bags. Check out my review via my blog here. Jonah and Ethan Scooby Doo Private eye's The Plot was fun! This book has a strong Scooby Doo plot resemblance. I did like the persnickety family Well after my Ah Ha! Yes, an Ah Ha! Maybe a 3.

Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing
Holiday Outing Holiday Outing

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