Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)

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I guess I get down here fairly often, but we spend a lot of time up at the Ranch.

You know the Ranch? I wondered about the we. But we carried on talking, and he seemed in no rush to leave. I sat and took in the view.

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And, my, what a view! He was, I judged, in his late sixties, or maybe seventy, and stood a little under six feet tall and weighed, I estimated, around pounds. He had a handsome, rugged face, with broad features, large ears and blue eyes. His body was thick and muscular, still strong looking, with something of a broad belly, but hardly a paunch, and was very generously covered in hair, white at the neck, gray across his chest and shoulders, and darker on his belly and legs.

This was matched with a set of balls the size of a small grapefruit, nestling in a grizzled hairy crotch. You might imagine the thoughts that were going through my head, as I tried to keep my mind on what I was saying as we chatted. I felt my cock begin to stir, and realized with a slight embarrassment, that he had seen this and noticed, before I managed to change my position to cover it.

Then I noticed that his cock had also begun to stir, and was filling out as he talked. I could barely tear my eyes from it, as it slowly lengthened until it was hanging down a good five inches, though he carried on talking as if completely unaware of this. I felt the electricity through the firm handshake. I wondered if he did. He declined the offer of my towel and sat down facing me, about six feet away, leaning back against another rock and casually adjusting his cock and balls with his hand so that they were comfortably in front of his legs, and in full view.

I tried not to look, as I tried to avoid getting a full on erection. His works deal with such themes as his Welsh home, his past, especially the pre-war period, his experiences as a teacher, nature, and the life of the instinct. He is considered to be a fine technician.

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Interviews and lectures with Leslie show that he never sat down planning to write. He simply played off inspiration he received at various times of the day. When he would resume writing after stopping for the day, he would re-read everything he had so far, so as to maintain the style. His poetic voice was pure, authentic, and deceptively simple. He was great in a land of great poets. He was also a primary school teacher.

And a headmaster. Though he went on to publicly prestigious things, he remained a teacher.

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He taught the most gifted creative writing students at BYU and helped launch their careers; he also read his stories and poems to countless school children. This includes two letters and two long interviews with Norris which may have been some of the last interviews with him. Chronological List. Alphabetical List. She leaned over a little further and I pushed into her, she was so wet it was quite easy but she still cried out as I entered.

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I screwed her rhythmically as we eyed each other in the mirror over the desk through half closed eyes. Soon I wanted a change, "Get on the bed" she did so. Kneeling before me on the bed and she was a sight to behold. Gripping her hips I entered her again, this time doggy fashion, doing so in one long steady thrust. She cried out half through pain half through ecstasy as I buried myself up to the hilt in her wonderful folds.

Bending over her I began to rub her nipples through the lace bra she still wore, breathing heavily in her ear. She reached round, unclasped it and threw it to one side as I bucked harder and harder still into her. I pulled out again and turned her over onto her back and lifting her legs over my shoulders I pressed into her once more. Rubbing her thighs through the silky sheen of her stockings with one hand and her clit with the thumb of my other as I pounded away.

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Our tempo increased, as did our gasps and moans and finally feeling the surge emanating from deep inside me I speeded up even more and came inside her with short sharp thrusts which took her breath away with each sharp stroke. Our initial lust satisfied we lay there awhile enjoying the afterglow. We stepped inside and kissed passionately as the water cascaded down over us and continued to do so for a few minutes, enjoying the different sensations.

Then standing behind her I lathered her back, massaging it at the same time. I ran my hands round her front and cupped and soaped her breasts and then ran one hand down her front and rubbed her again whilst she ground her hips against me. I could feel myself getting hard again, she reached round and grabbed it and began to pull me off slowly as I continued to finger her under the spray of the water.

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We stepped out of the shower and dried each other intimately with the big, soft complimentary hotel towels and made our way back to the bed. She rolled her stockings on once more and clipped them back to her suspender belt, "I just love the feel of them when I'm making love" she said. Her touch was electric.

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I massaged her feet through her stockings and she relaxed into a state of blissfulness. I continued to run my hands up her legs and she opened them slightly so they could explore further. My fingers traced their way over the smooth bare flesh at the top of her thighs and slipped into her soft, wet, warmth. She sighed lovingly as they did so. As they probed their way inside I licked at the lips of her sex with my tongue and she pulled me closer to her as I rolled it around her clit.

Intent on making her come like this I continued but she pulled my head away. She took my resumed hardness in her hand and slid slowly down onto it, her face contorting into a mask of pleasure as she did so. She rode me slowly at first grinding her hips into mine as she darted her tongue into my mouth. Laying back in this paradise I was quite happy to let her continue. Sitting upright again she began to bounce up and down harder.

I met each of her downward movements with an upward thrust and we both gasped out each time our hips bucked into each other. She fondled her own breasts as I gripped her hips and pulled her down onto me harder still. I carried on bucking wildly into her until she cried out and collapsed onto me.

Slowing down my strokes she lay there motionless across my chest, breathing heavily. I was still hard inside her and some way from my own climax. She rolled off me and began to suck me off once more, gently tickling my balls with her fingernails. I lay there groaning as she sucked and wanked me at the same time, regulating her speed with my hand on her head.

I could feel myself beginning to near my own climax now and she must have sensed this as well.

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Sucking harder she bobbed her head faster as I forced more and more of myself into her mouth with each stroke. I could feel her licking the tip as she sucked me and couldn't control it any longer.

Senior Swappers (Collected Stories) Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)
Senior Swappers (Collected Stories) Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)
Senior Swappers (Collected Stories) Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)
Senior Swappers (Collected Stories) Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)
Senior Swappers (Collected Stories) Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)
Senior Swappers (Collected Stories) Senior Swappers (Collected Stories)

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