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There is nothing better value when the digestive organs are prolapsed than zwieback oc bread that is toasted through so that it is crisp throughout. Bread prepared in this way has a sweeter and more delicate flavour, and taken with fruit, either fresh or stewed, makes of itself an excellent, wholesome, and satisfying meal.

Drinking freely with the meals not only dilutes the digestive juices and renders them less efficient, but also interferes seriously with efficient mastication and should therefore be discouraged.

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But to the saliva and other digestive fluids. But it be really effectual the massage should be is a good practice to drink a glass of water given daily for twenty to thirty minutes by half an hour before each meal. Mere rubbing, The Heating Compress while it may do no harm, is of little value in A wet girdle worn at night makes one of bringing about a cure. If the bowels are constipated do not fail Take a linen towel of suitable size and fold to regulate them by the free use of fruit, it two or three times and wring it tightly coarse brown bread, spinach and similar out of cold water, and then apply round the tender greens, olive oil, salads, etc.

Medistomach so that it encircles or almost encircles the trunk at the waist line. Apply immediately afterwards daily for a time until the bowels begin to act three layers of woollen flannel from twelve to in the natural way. The enema should be given at the usual time for emptying the bowels, an hour or two after breakfast. A Final Caution Do not be tempted by any of the numerous worthless or poisonous quack remedies so freely advertized in the public press and on the hoardings.

The claims made on their behalf are as a whole not only misleading and fraudulent but thoroughly mendacious. Place no trust in the pills, powders, potions, and draughts of the medical quack, whether 33 be calls himself a botanist, a herbalist, or something else.

None of these much advertized preparations on the market are capable of assisting digestion in the slightest degree, no matter what statements may be made about them. But many of them do contain drugs and preparations which have a benumbing effect upon the nerves, and thus falsify the true condition and serve to aggravate the dyspepsia. A glass or more of hot water sipped slowly is the best medicinal draught we know of for indigestion, acute or chronic.

Diet for the Aged A. IN the care of those of advanced years who have no special disease it is well to consider the gradual encroachment of infirmity due to failing health and strength. It is true that each case has some personal peculiarities; but it is also true that some general rules may he safely followed which will prolong life and add much to the comfort of the infirm. First let us look carefully into the pathology of the condition most often met, and note the general disturbances.

We usually find that the skin is dry, harsh, and anemic; that there is a lack of healthy blood, of circulating fat and-heat-producing element together with a lowering of the general nerve tone that keeps up healthy circulation in the skin.

Anatomy Physiology -

Many capillaries, or terminal arteries, have been obliterated, and there is a failure in circulation, due both to these causes and to a continuing heart weakness. This lowering of the general nerve tone lessens glandular activity, and consequently digestion is affected by this means.

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Atrophy of the muscles and weakness of eliminative organs are also in evidence. The bone marrow, the lymphatic glands, and other glands of internal secretion which are concerned in blood formation, are also weakened. Heart production is lessened owing to the inability to digest starch foods readily and to the lessened capacity for physical exercise.

It will readily be seen that it is no easy task to meet all these perverted functions and supplement their action. Previous to the correction of these conditions all dental difficulties should be corrected. A clean mouth and good teeth are highly essential to a reform of living.

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In addition to cleansing the teeth thoroughly each day with brush and soap or powders, an antiseptic solution 'should be used as a mouth wash. It may include some or all of the following ingredients Cinnamon water, eucalyptus, wintergreen, menthol, boroglycerine, and a small portion of formaldehyde. Some of these may be omitted if desired, and thus lessen the cost of the preparation. In the matter of diet for the aged it seems desirable to use in various ways the wholewheat productsshredded wheat, puffed wheat, wheat biscuit, whole wheat bread, and other preparations which contain lime, iron, phosphorus, and other materials excellent for blood building and nerve restoration.

Rolled oats contain avenin, an important nerve food, and the other salts already mentioned in limited quantities.


Whole milk not cream and eggs are valuable foods for the aged. The yolks may be boiled till hard, or used raw, beaten in grape juice. Eggs increase the hemoglobin of the blood, and their content of iron for this purpose is easily available. To relieve the eliminative organs of the effects of too much nitrogen in the foods mentioned, rice may be used in several ways. Fresh and stewed fruit is excellent for the aged. Apples, oranges, lemons, and tomatoes are to be highly recommended for this purpose. Apples, tomatoes, and strawberries have a good content of iron. Spinach and lettuce may be added with profit for variety and to supply necessary elements of nutrition.

Regarding the supply of fats in addition to the use of liberal quanties of rich milk, nuts may be added in limited quantities. Once a day at least a few of the better quality of nuts, such as pecans, English walnuts, and almonds, may be used. Seven pecans of average size would be a very moderate ration.

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  • This quantity would furnish about one half ounce of food value containing about one hundred calories, of which ninety per cent consists of fats. In tropical countries coconut milk gives a good supply of fats. All foods should be prepared in a simple manner, and few kinds eaten at a meal. The different meals should be varied. Special caution should be used not to partake too heartily of the evening dinner. Instead, fresh fruit or milk or buttermilk, with some good crackers, is quite sufficient.

    A dish of zwieback and hot milk will provide ample nourishment for those in advanced years who cannot exercise vigorously. After lunch a little light exercise or a walk in the open air is beneficial to secure a good night's rest. Avoid concentrated sweet foods, as jellies, honey in considerable quantity or other syrups.

    SS France At New York (1962)

    Avoid fried foods as a general rule. A varity of simple desserts may be allowed, if made plain, such as plain rice puddings, bread puddings, and custards. If the nitrogen foods should prove too much for the liver and kidney functions; and rheumatism and bladder troubles arise from too much uric acid, use two good warm sweating baths each week, funiching with a tepid sponge bath. Much might he said regarding the use of fresh air and light treatments to increase the oxidation of food. Care should be exercised in giving baths, either hot or cold, to the aged.

    Temperatures that are extreme should be avoided, and all changes made moderately. The body will adapt itself after a time to more vigorous measures. This will improve the circulation, and aid the skin in performing its function. Above ali, a genial disposition should be cultivated. Growing old gracefully is an accomplishment which can be cultivated with profit to all concerned.

    A fixed trust in God will brighten many a gloomy day; and sympathy, support, and adaptation on the part of sons and daughters will do much to cheer those who have fought bravely life's battles, and cause them to feel that their labours have been richly rewarded.

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    A BUNION is a term applied to a chronic enlargement containing fluid situated over one of the joints of a toe, most often the second joint from the extremity of the great toe. The enlar4ement is caused by undue pressure from ill-fitting footwear. Nature throws out a protecting cushion as it were, to save the underlying structures.

    Sometimes this fluid is clear and transparent, resembling somewhat the white of an egg ; again it may contain pus. Whatever treatment is instituted for the relief of the trouble, we must alway,- remember the importance of removing the cause. So long as the foot must be contorted to fit the fashionable high-heeled, narrow. Six to ten changes of each will often be found sufficient, the duration of each change in hot water being about one minute, and in the cold about ten seconds. In addition to this the pressure over the part must be discontinued during the day. Boots with fairly thick soles and pliable tippers, such as glace kid, will often be found the most comfortable.

    The heels may be about one inch in height and the toes s ufficiently wide to give comfort. A small pad of absorbent cotton placed over and along the side of the great toe in front of the bunion and another behind it will aid greatly in decrea'. It is often advisable to make a crucial incision in the boot over the bunion and then have a neat, roomy patch applied over the incision. In many cases an operation will he necessary in order to give permanent relief. Corns, like bunions, are due to the continued pressure day after day of ill-fitting boots and shoes. They are most often present on the upper surface of the toes, but fre- quently on the sole of the foot, and also between the toes when they are spoken of as soft corns.

    They are very easily cnred as they often, if not always, disappear when the cause is completely removed. A patient who has to remain in bed for a prolonged period will, in many cases, get. They, however, soon reappear when the pressure from footwear begins. There are many simple preparations which will remove a corn.

    Those containing salicylic acid are especially efficacious and can be obtained frcm any chemist, but unless the part is kept free from undue pressure the corn quickly returns. A corn is simply an overgrowth of the horny layer of the epidermis, or outer skin. Dipping down into the papillary layer of the skin below and protruding upward above the surface it forms a cone shaped growth and is evidently an effort on the part of nature to protect the underlying structures from rough usage by raising a shield above.

    Temporary relief can be obtained by soaking the feet in very hot water and paring the corn with a sharp instrument as a razor or scalpel. Corns between the toes will often disappear by the use of wide boots and the wearing of a small pad of absorbent cotton behind the corn and between the toes. When a toe is much deformed, as in the case of hammer toe, it is very difficult to remove all pressure from a corn situated on its highest part. The best treatment in a condition of this kind is amputation of the toe.



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